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Automate 2022

We made a splash in Detroit. Check out video below of how we can make your manufacturing operations more flexible and productive.

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Apera AI’s vision system enables flexibility in vision system design, with multiple camera, robot and end-effector combinations possible.

Robotic vision with no ifs, ands or buts

What if robotic vision didn’t have all of the ‘buts’? If achieving performance didn’t mean complexity and customization? If expensive hardware and structured light weren’t giving you headaches?

At Automate, we were joined by our partners ABB Canada, BOS Innovations and E Tech Group.

The promise of Apera AI’s 4D Vision is giving robotics human-like precision, speed and perception. Challenging applications such as bin picking, sorting, packaging, and assembly are now open for fast, precise and reliable automation.

Apera AI brochure cover, which describes artificial intelligence for robotics applications.

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