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Career opportunities

Senior Front End Software Development Engineer

Job description

We are looking for a talented Senior Front End SDE with outstanding problem-solving skills to join our Software Development team. You will be working with a small, but fast growing, group of ambitious engineers and applied scientists who are building the future of robotic perception using some of the most exciting and challenging state of the art technologies in computer vision and machine learning. You will be leading the effort to move the user interface of Apera’s core product to a Web UI and develop additional value-add web services for system management and analytics. Your job will include:

  • Architecting Apera’s Web UI framework, strategy, and components
  • Designing and developing Apera’s web applications using state of the art web technologies
  • Working with C++ software developers on API and backend requirements
  • Actively participating in the roadmap and planning of the Software Development team
  • Following best practices in software development and architecture
  • Working with stakeholders in defining feature details and proposing new features
  • Promoting best practice through code and design reviews

About Apera

We are an AI technology company based in Vancouver, Canada, developing a novel machine vision technology that enables robots, automated guided vehicles, and personal robots to perform complex tasks with human-like vision.

In addition to our technology platform, we have a dedicated team of experienced technology specialists and scientists who are advancing our 4D Vision Platform.

We are directing our research, technology and marketing efforts to the global automotive sector and are targeting soft automation including consumer electronics, consumer products manufacturing and packaging automation.

About you

You are motivated, talented, hardworking and have an entrepreneurial spirit. You enjoy making large impact at your company. You enjoy solving challenging problems rooted in real-world physics using science, imagination, creativity, and persistence.

Required qualifications

  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree (or equivalent experience) in software engineering
  • 5+ years of experience in Front End software development (or equivalent academic experience)
  • Exceptional problem-solving skills
  • Excellent programming skills
  • Experience using  modern frameworks such as React, Angular, or Vue
  • Experience with RESTful APIs and GraphQL
  • Experience architecting a Web UI from scratch
  • Bonus:
    • Experience working with AWS technologies
    • Experience working with WebGL
    • Experience using UX mockup tools
    • Experience with mobile app frameworks

What we offer

  • Very competitive compensation
  • A career track with many growth opportunities at a fast-growing company
  • Generous employee stock option plan
  • A creative work environment alongside an ambitious and talented team


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