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Apera 4D Vision Platform

The Apera story

We help our clients do more and achieve more with their robots by providing them with ultra fast and ultra reliable vision and intelligence using our novel 4D vision technology

We are an AI technology company that is based in Vancouver, Canada and is developing novel machine vision technology which will enable robots, automated guided vehicles and personal robots to perform complex tasks with human-like vision.

In addition to our technology platform, Apera hosts a dedicated team of experienced technology specialists and scientists who are advancing our 4D Vision Platform.

We are directing our research, technology and marketing efforts to the global automotive sector and is targeting soft automation including; consumer electronics, consumer products manufacturing and packaging automation.

Together with our exceptional team and industry partners, we are working to bringing intelligent automation to businesses everywhere and make 4D Vision a reality.

Leadership team

Sina Afrooze

Co-Founder & CEO

Armin Khatoonabadi

Co-Founder & COO

Manuel Sordo



Anders Ballestad, PhD

Barco; MTT Innovation

Gerwin Damberg, PhD


Andrew Martz

High West Labs

Fred Thiel

Thiel Advisors; Navigate Ventures

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Join the team at Apera. Our deep roster of engineers, developers, and data scientists are helping the manufacturing industry to achieve next-level automation—humanizing computer vision like never before.

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Get your automation on track with Apera 4D Vision. Apera delivers real-time solutions that facilitate production, increase overall efficiency and reduce downtime with vision intelligence for robotics.