Randomized robotic bin picking is made better with AI-powered vision software, including translucent items like this razor cartridge.

We cracked the code for robotic bin picking.

Apera AI's robotic vision software makes robotic bin picking stations smarter and faster.

Who uses Apera AI for random bin picking?

This is an ABB robot picking clear plastic medical tubes under ambient light.

Manufacturers large and small from the automotive, aerospace, consumer packaged goods (CPG), machining, and food and beverage industries use Apera's Vue robotic vision software to control bin picking robots.

Apera Vue robotic vision software

Automated bin picking of shiny metal sockets using an ABB industrial robot.

Faster, smarter bin picking

Apera AI’s Vue software offers an industry-leading total vision cycle time—as low as 0.3 seconds (3 Hz). That means robots are fast to respond, even when objects have complex geometries or difficult finishes (e.g. clear, reflective).

Vue carries out all of the path planning, pose estimation and grasp intelligence needed to repeatably pick and place objects from a bin. This includes advanced tasks like assembly and machine tending, where the robot must pick an item from a bin to complete another step in a manufacturing process.

Apera AI's Vue software is supported by a simple setup using 2D cameras and a standard industrial PC.

Simplify setup

Apera Vue software requires less vision expertise and no custom programming.

The system operates under ambient light with no special cameras, lighting systems or sensors needed. Changes in lighting conditions will not affect the system’s operation.

Objects are taught into our AI system using CAD models or 3D scans. The object file is loaded into the Vue software. After simple calibration processes, the object is ready to pick out of the bin.

Apera AI's Vue software is compatible with ABB, Denso, Doosan, Fanuc, Kawasaki, Mitsubishi Electric, Universal Robots and Yaskawa

Choose your favourite robot

Apera AI’s bin picking software is robot agnostic. You can choose the best robot or cobot for the job, right down to the best gripper. Currently, we support major brands such as ABB, Fanuc, Denso, Doosan, Epson, Kawasaki, Mitsubishi Electric and Universal Robots and Yaskawa.

Bin pick and place of stamped metal parts

These shiny metal automotive parts are picked from the bin and placed in nested configurations.