Crack the robotic bin picking code.

With Apera AI's 4D Vision, you can build faster and more reliable robotic bin picking cells.

What makes an Apera AI bin picking cell perform?

We make AI-powered vision software that understands every feature of an object. Over 1 million simulated cycles takes bin picking reliability to greater than 99.99% reliability, even when objects are complex, nested, shiny or transparent. We can do this with no special lighting, and an Apera system will work in all ambient light conditions, even outside.

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Apera Vue robotic vision software

Faster, smarter bin picking

Vue software delivers an industry-leading total vision cycle time—as low as 0.3 seconds (3 Hz). That means robots are fast to respond, even when objects have complex geometries or difficult finishes (e.g. clear, reflective).

Vue carries out all of the path planning, pose estimation and grasp intelligence needed to repeatably pick and place objects from a bin. This includes advanced tasks like assembly and machine tending, where the robot must pick an item from a bin to complete another step in a manufacturing process.

Robotic bin picking workcell that functions in all lighting conditions, but with no structured lighting required.

No vision expertise or special lighting required

Apera AI's 4D Vision technology creates the vision programming for you. Your parts are trained into our AI engine, which comes to understand them completely. You will save days or weeks of vision programming time.

Our AI training includes different lighting conditions, so no special lighting is required. Even when lighting conditions change, the vision system will continue to work.

Objects are taught into our AI system using CAD models or 3D scans. The object file is loaded into the Vue software. After simple calibration processes, the object is ready to pick out of the bin.

Apera AI bin picking cell configuration

Shows an Apera AI robotic bin picking cell, which uses AI to identify and handle objects coming from bins and dunnages.