Forge Lab combines AI-powered vision training with powerful simulation tools to make vision-guided robotics easier to use.

Forge Lab:
AI Vision Training + Simulation

Forge Lab is an incredible new tool that makes AI training and simulation for vision-guided robotics fast and accessible. Users can finally combine AI-powered vision training with powerful simulation tools to take the time, expense and risk out of building cells.

What is Forge Lab?

Forge Lab is an AI-powered robotic vision training portal and simulation environment. You can complete a simulation of a vision-guided cell within hours, and then have vision programming completed for you within 24 hours.

Before Forge Lab, integrating vision with robot programming was a complex gamble, costing money and time. Simulation software could help you see the robot move, but combining vision with the robot had to wait until the cell was built.

Why use Forge Lab?

Forge Lab can save days or weeks of vision programming and proof of concept time.

Save time

What used to take weeks now takes hours. Perform the build out and operation of the cell from camera set-up through simulation in only a couple hours. The vision programming is then done for you in only 24 hours.

Forge Lab reduces the risk of spending money on automation, since the strategy can be tested before spending.

Reduce risk

In a controlled setting, you can test the automation strategy before spending a dime. Each choice you make as part of an automation strategy can be tested in combination with the vision program.

Forge Lab helps make money by optimizing vision-guided robotic cells.

Maximize ROI

You can build the most productive cell in Forge Lab. That will translate to real-world results without creating downtime in the real production environment.

How Forge Lab works

Forge Lab: AI Training + Simulation for Vision-Guided Robotics

Forge Lab users can run a full simulation of their vision-guided robotic cell.

Who can use Forge Lab?

You do not need to be an expert in vision-guided robots to use Forge Lab. Forge Lab’s purpose is to make it easier and faster to deploy vision-guided cells.

Starting in Summer 2024, Forge Lab is available to users of Apera Vue vision software. Manufacturing engineering teams can collaborate across sites using the tool’s web interface.

Pictures of synthetic data used to train neural network for robotic bin picking.

Training AI

The role of synthetic data

In training its neural networks, Apera AI uses synthetic data. This allows us to bypass the need for reference images or relying purely on CAD models. Synthetic data allows us to improve the AI process and introduce variables such as lighting, finish, texture, and labels or markings.