Random robotic bin picking of injection moulded parts

Advanced Robotic Sorting With Apera Vue Software

Distinguishing the indistinguishable, Apera AI's Vue software is revolutionizing the robotic sorting landscape, ensuring even the minutest differences between objects don't go unnoticed.

Who uses Apera AI for precision sorting?

From translucent medical device parts to black injection-molded plastic components with minute variations, industries are turning to Vue software for its unparalleled sorting capabilities. Our software has proven its mettle in scenarios where even human eyes falter.

Apera AI’s Vue robotic vision software allows a robot to

  • Identify items, even when they are mixed together.
  • Direct the robot to select the item, categorize it accurately, and place it in the designated area or container.
  • Retrieve the sorted item and transition it to its designated location, be it a specific bin or the subsequent phase in the process (e.g., onto a conveyor).

Apera Vue Robotic Vision Software: The Sorting Maestro

Bin picking for complex, clear, translucent and shiny parts

Fast, accurate sorting

Vue software boasts an industry-leading vision cycle time, ensuring rapid and precise sorting. Even when objects have subtle differences or challenging finishes, Vue’s AI-powered vision is up to the task.

The best part? Since we take care of creating the vision program, you don’t need to be a vision expert to create a vision-guided robotic assembly cell.

Apera AI's Vue software is supported by a simple setup using 2D cameras and a standard industrial PC.

Simplified setup

Setting up Vue for sorting is a breeze. We train our AI to completely understand your parts and return a ready vision program to you. You won’t have to set up structured lights or lasers to achieve a working cell, since Apera systems do not need them

We use CAD models or 3D scans to train our AI, and factor in things like texture, markings and finishes to make sure the sorting process is accurate and consistent.

Vue software saves you money

Feedback from manufacturers is that our vision system saves them money, and makes their operations more flexible.

When an operator can be used for another job, there’s a labor savings. But our vision software unlocks higher ROI.

With Vue, you do not need fixtures or additional automation to stage raw parts. You can dump different parts into bins and the robot can sort them out. Once sorted, the vision system can guide the part on to the next step, whether that’s into a CNC, or to a conveyor, or being assembled with another part.

Apera AI's Vue software is compatible with ABB, Denso, Doosan, Fanuc, Universal Robots, Kuka, Mitsubishi, epson, omron, kawasaki, and staubli

Choose your favourite robot

Apera AI’s vision software for sorting is robot agnostic. You can choose the best robot or cobot for the job, right down to the best gripper.

We support major brands such as ABB, FANUC, Denso, Universal Robots, Yaskawa, Doosan, Epson, KUKA, Kawasaki Robotics, Mitsubishi Electric, Omron and Stäubli, with more coming soon.

4D Vision technology

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