Apera AI's 4-step process for project execution involves scope, digital twin simulation, build and post-sales support

AI-Powered Vision for Robotic Assembly

Make your assembly lines more efficient and reliable by integrating Apera AI's Vue vision software in your robotic cells.

Who uses Apera AI for advanced robotic assembly?

From very small electronic components to assemblies that span meters, Apera AI's Vue vision software operates at levels equal to the most precise and accurate robots available. Industries such as automotive, metal fabrication, aerospace and consumer packaged goods use Apera AI systems for assembly.

Apera Vue robotic vision software

Apera Ai Assembly Application with Ford

How Vue robotic vision software powers robotic assembly

Vue is AI-driven. The task, including the robot, parts and end-of-arm tool are taught into our proprietary AI system. Over 1 million simulated cycles train the task to over 99.99% reliability.

What does that do for you? Robots can perform at higher levels of repeatability than human operators. They can also take care of dangerous assembly jobs. And since we take care of creating the vision program, you don’t need to be a vision expert to create a vision-guided robotic assembly cell.

Apera AI's Vue software is supported by a simple setup using 2D cameras and a standard industrial PC.

Cost-effective assembly with Vue

Manufacturers vouch for the cost savings and flexibility Vue brings to assembly operations. With Vue, there’s no need for specialized fixtures to hold objects or additional automation to stage parts.

Robots can pick parts from random bins and assemble them, and once done, place them onto conveyors, into bins, or even into final packaging. The alternative? Costly fixtures and increased human intervention, which could dent your ROI.

Flex-N-Gate realized significant cost savings by using Apera AI's Vue robotic vision software, pushing part acceptance rates over 99%.

Vue's hassle-free flexibility for assembly

Setting up Vue for assembly is straightforward. 2D cameras are mounted over the operating area, and the operator loads the Vue vision program they need to run that day. Set-up can happen in hours.

Larger assembly areas can be controlled with multiple camera pairs. The same Apera Vue computer can run up to four camera pairs.

Changing over between assembly tasks is as simple as choosing another vision program in the Vue software. Training new tasks is included in your purchase of Vue, so if your needs change, you’re covered.

Apera AI's Vue software is compatible with ABB, Denso, Doosan, Fanuc, Universal Robots, Kuka, Mitsubishi, epson, omron, kawasaki, and staubli

Choose your favourite robot

Vue software is robot agnostic. You can choose the best robot or cobot for the assembly task, right down to the best gripper or end-of-arm tool.

Currently, we support major brands such as ABB, FANUC, Denso, Universal Robots, Yaskawa, Doosan, Epson, KUKA, Kawasaki Robotics, Mitsubishi Electric, Omron and Stäubli.

AI is trained by Apera to completely understand the objects handled by the robot and the task they will perform.

Apera Vue: 10x faster than conventional vision

Achieve 10X faster processing with an industry leading vision cycle time of just 0.3 seconds, boosting robot productivity and ensuring precise, error-resistant object handling.