Bin picking of disordered, shiny stamped metal parts.

Vision-Guided Robots for Metal Fabrication

Solve labor shortages and boost productivity by automating robotic guidance, bin picking, assembly, and machine tending. Robotic vision software called Vue can make robotic cells more reliable and productive.

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Automation for Metal Fabrication

Robotic Guidance for Metal Fabricators

Apera AI develops vision software called Vue. We have extensive experience in metal fabrication plants, and with manufacturers making products with metal components. Vue guides robots to perform bin picking, material handling, assembly, kitting, and machine tending.

Vue does the vision programming work for you. Within 24 hours of uploading a CAD model, you will have a fully trained vision program. This will save days or weeks of programming time.

Think applications in metal stamping, appliance manufacturing, structural metal production and hand tool / hardware manufacturing.

Why Apera AI for Metal Manufacturing?

Reliable | Fast | Smart

Reliable: We run your part through 1 million simulated cycles, to the point where the part is understood completely to >99.99% reliability. Shiny objects and poor lighting won't affect reliability.

Fast: Industry-leading total vision cycle time as low as 0.3 seconds, which is 10x faster than conventional vision systems.

Smart: Can tell highly similar parts from one another and can handle them precisely for the next manufacturing step.

What applications can vision-guided robots perform?

Using AI-powered vision software, factories working with metal parts can automate processes using robots. Here are some ideas:

  • Picking parts out of a bin and placing them on a fixture for assembly, or on to a conveyor belt.
  • Sort hardware—think bolts, washers and nuts—into kits that go to the manufacturing line.
  • Feeding and unloading stamping machines, then stacking or racking the parts.
  • Pre-assembly and placement for welding parts together.
  • Racking and de-racking stamped metal parts or pipes.
  • Dispensing an adhesive or lubricant on a path identified by the vision software.
Apera AI's Vue Robotic Vision Software is complete robotic guidance for industrial robotics using AI.

Vue Robotic Vision Software

Complete robotic guidance using AI makes manufacturing more reliable and productive.

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Forge Lab combines AI-powered vision training with powerful simulation tools to make vision-guided robotics easier to use.

Forge Lab: AI Training + Simulation

Makes AI training and simulation for vision-guided robotics fast and accessible.

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"With our ABB / Apera combination bin picking cells, the operator is able to focus on maintaining the machines making the components, and making sure that the parts are being manufactured with good quality."

Badr Dowcet, Process Engineer, Hastech, a Linamar Corporation company.

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