Vision for robotic material handling in automotive manufacturing automation

AI-powered vision for automotive manufacturing

Solve automotive manufacturing problems in robotic guidance, bin picking, assembly, and machine feeding using AI-powered vision software.

Robotic assembly cell at Flex-N-Gate operations in Texas, a Tier 1 automotive supplier.

Automation for automotive manufacturing

Complete robotic guidance using vision

Apera AI makes vision software called Vue that guides robots as they perform a variety of manufacturing tasks. This includes bin picking, material handling, assembly, kitting and feeding machines.

We are trusted by the manufacturing teams of more than 10 leading automotive manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers with combined revenue of more than $400 billion. Customers that have publicly shared their use of our products include Ford, Flex-N-Gate and Linamar Corporation.

Performance highlights

Speed and intelligence

Make real gains in productivity with an industry-leading total vision cycle time as low as 0.3 seconds. This is 10X faster than conventional vision systems.

Training this task into our AI involves more than 1 million simulated cycles. We train to the point where the task is 99.99% successful. This process happens in parallel to designing the cell—use of the robot cell is not needed—so the implementation process is shortened.

"With our ABB / Apera combination bin picking cells, the operator is able to focus on maintaining the machines making the components, and making sure that the parts are being manufactured with good quality."

Badr Dowcet, Process Engineer, Hastech, a Linamar Corporation company.

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Bin picking / machine tending cell in a powertrain plant

Example of a robotic bin picking cell in an automotive powertrain plant. AI-powered vision technology guides the robot.
Apera AI offers careers in Vancouver focused on robotics, AI and ML.


Risk-free buying

Apera AI's application engineering team performs a full assessment of your project. We agree on vision system performance goals with you. If we don't meet them, we refund your vision system purchase.

"We saw an almost 9% increase in accuracy to 99% through the [Apera Vue] vision system. From a cost savings perspective, we have been able to reduce repair and manpower, and improve part quality into our customer."

Don Cumming, General Manager, Flex-N-Gate

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Applications for AI in automotive manufacturing

Apera AI's Vue robotic vision software in the application at Hastech. When training our AI systems in the application, the training includes the robot model, end-of-arm tool, and objects being handled. Training continues until we achieve production-level reliability.

Make robotic cells better

Have you considered a vision retrofit?

If you have an underperforming vision-guided robot or a blind robot, Apera AI can help. Read our blog about retrofitting cells for better performance.