Apera AI Automate Booth 1857 2024

4D Vision at Automate 2024

Visit Apera AI at Automate 2024 and see how AI-powered vision is enabling you to make robots faster and smarter at booth #1857.

Shows an Apera AI robotic bin picking cell, which uses AI to identify and handle objects coming from bins and dunnages.

Apera AI at Automate 2024

Say Hello to 4D Vision

4D Vision is robotic vision software applied to both guidance and inspection. We teach an AI neural network to understand every aspect of an object.

We run your application through a million simulated cycles to achieve more than 99.99% reliability. This takes the risk of automation away before you spend a dollar on hardware.


Foresight makes robotic guidance faster.

Automate 2024 is your first chance to see Foresight. Foresight improves on the image processing methods that already deliver industry-leading total vision cycle times as low as 0.3 seconds. Just like a human, the AI inside Vue will continue to consider which parts are pickable when the robot is still in motion with the current pick.

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ABB robot implementation of Apera AI's Vue robotic vision software.

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Sina Apera AI

Sina Afrooze Presents on AI-Powered Automotive Vision Retrofits

Join Sina Afrooze, CEO of Apera AI, at Automate 2024 for a groundbreaking talk on “Deploying AI to Retrofit Manual and Vision-Guided Robotic Processes in the Automotive Industry.” Discover innovative strategies to enhance efficiency and precision in your manufacturing processes through AI. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a visionary leader in robotics and AI.

Monday May 6
8:00 a.m. – 8:45 a.m.

Room S401d


Applications for AI in Manufacturing Webinar: Register Now!

Can’t make it to Automate? Join us for a recap on Automate 2024.

We’ll also review our demonstrations around de-racking, bin picking, and sorting by Apera AI and its partners using ABB, FANUC, and Yaskawa. We’ll also dig into our new features Forge Lab and Foresight, and how to implement it in your own operations.

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Solve the vision lighting problem.

Lighting gets in the way of performance and reliability. But 4D Vision by Apera AI has solved the lighting problem.

4D Vision works in all lighting conditions—sunlight, outside, nearly dark and when lighting changes.

You’ll see a Fanuc CRX cobot picking shiny, complex stamped metal parts under challenging lighting conditions.

Apera AI at Automate 2024

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Where Can You Find Apera AI?

We'll be at booth #1857.

4D Vision Benefits

Robotic vision powered by AI is capable of telling highly similar objects apart, such as dark injection molded parts.


Industry-leading total vision cycle time as low as 0.3 seconds. That means you'll get more productivity from your robots.

Robotic guidance for parts assembly in the automotive, metalworking, consumer packaged goods and other industries.

Human-like sight

If a human can see an object, an Apera AI vision system can too. It will work when lighting conditions change, and can even work outside. No specialized lights, lasers or sensors necessary.

Apera Vue software provides robots with human-like capabilities, including, speed, precision and object recognition.

Intelligence and precision

Using AI for guidance means robots can work in disordered situations and deal with variability. Objects can be handled with sub-millimeter precision.