Apera AI's booth at Automate 2024.

4D Vision at Automate 2024

Real performance, no gimmicks. We brought real, high-performing applications to Automate 2024 in Chicago. See you next year in Detroit!

On-demand webinar

Real performance, no gimmicks

Eric Petz and Erik Pedersen dove into the four incredible demos and power of Forge Lab in this on-demand webinar.

ABB Robotics

Foresight made its debut.

Foresight improves on the image processing methods that already deliver industry-leading total vision cycle times as low as 0.3 seconds. We showcased this speed with an ABB IRB-1200 industrial robot and added an amazing surprise.

Just like a human, the AI inside Vue will continue to consider which parts are pickable when the robot is still in motion with the current pick.


Bin picking and precise placement for metal fabricators

Eye-in-hand vision mounted on the Yaskawa GP-12 can tell these shiny, long metal pieces apart and move them on to a very precise placement step. Imagine this capability in your assembly operations in appliances, welding or automotive manufacturing.

FANUC x Apera AI

Automotive racking and de-racking of truck hoods

Automotive manufacturers struggle with this application because of slow cycle times, and racks and parts that aren't where the robot expects. Cameras mounted on this FANUC M20iD/35 powered by Vue vision software put this problem in the past.


Solve the vision lighting problem.

Lighting gets in the way of performance and reliability. But 4D Vision by Apera AI has solved the lighting problem.

4D Vision works in all lighting conditions—sunlight, outside, nearly dark and when lighting changes.

A Fanuc CRX cobot picks shiny, complex stamped metal parts under challenging lighting conditions.