Apera AI is exhibiting at Automatica 2023 in Munich, Germany, hall B5, Stand 125.

4D Vision at Automatica 2023

See how AI is enabling you to make robots faster and smarter at Hall B5, Stand 125

UR5 robot being used for bin picking of clear tube objects.

Apera AI at Automatica 2023

Say hello to 4D Vision

4D Vision is robotic vision software applied to both guidance and inspection. We teach an AI neural network to understand every aspect of an object.

We run your application through a million simulated cycles to achieve more than 99.99% reliability. This takes the risk of automation away before you spend a Euro on hardware.


Is this unbelievable?

AI-powered vision can pick random objects amazingly fast, but it can also sort out objects with very small differences. In this case, the only feature difference between two bolts is the coarseness of their threading. What could this new power do for your sorting or kitting applications?


Fast bin picking of shiny stamped metal parts

Automotive manufacturers and metal fabricators face vision challenges with shiny metal parts. With an industry-leading total vision cycle time as low as 0.3 seconds, we can build bin picking cells that exceed human performance, and will work under all light conditions.

Kawasaki Robotics

Clear objects are no longer an exception for vision

Do you need to pick, place or assemble clear and translucent objects? Think of the amazing things you could do with medical devices, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods or injection-molded parts.

Automatica 2023 interactive hall plan, with a map showing the location of Apera AI in Hall B5, Stand 125.

Automatica 2023 floor plan

Where can you find Apera AI?

We'll be in Hall B5, Stand 125.

4D Vision benefits

Robotic vision powered by AI is capable of telling highly similar objects apart, such as dark injection molded parts.


Industry-leading total vision cycle time as low as 0.3 seconds. That means you'll get more productivity from your robots.

Robotic guidance for parts assembly in the automotive, metalworking, consumer packaged goods and other industries.

Human-like sight

If a human can see an object, an Apera AI vision system can too. It will work when lighting conditions change, and can even work outside. No specialized lights, lasers or sensors necessary.

Apera Vue software provides robots with human-like capabilities, including, speed, precision and object recognition.

Intelligence and precision

Using AI for guidance means robots can work in disordered situations and deal with variability. Objects can be handled with sub-millimeter precision.