Automation “modularity” and future factories with Rohan Gaglani


In this episode, Eric Petz interviews Rohan Gaglani, Product Manager for Robotics at GCG Automation. They discuss the role of automation in addressing labor shortages, the challenges of implementing automation, and exciting vision-guided robotic projects in the field. They also explore the integration of different technologies, the changing landscape of automation, and the evolving role of manufacturing engineers. The conversation concludes with a practical outlook on automation and the future of the industry.


  • Automation can address labor shortages and improve the quality of work by automating mundane and repetitive tasks.
  • Manufacturers are increasingly adopting automation to enhance productivity and maintain competitiveness.
  • The integration of different technologies, such as robotics and vision systems, is key to successful automation projects.
  • Modularity in automation technology simplifies the implementation process and reduces uncertainty for manufacturing engineers.