MRI surgical robotics and the diversity of Canadian automation with Selman Qadri


In this episode, Eric Petz interviews Selman Qadri, VP of Sales and Marketing at Shelley Automation. They discuss Selman’s passion for automation and the excitement of working with disruptive technologies. They also explore the evolution of vision in robotics and the impact of AI on robotic guidance. Selman shares a remarkable project involving MR guided surgical robots and the challenges of designing robots for use in an MRI. They also discuss the applications of 3D vision in the automotive industry and the diverse interests of Canadian automation.


  • Disruptive technologies are driving innovation in the automation space.
  • AI is being used to enhance robotic guidance and improve cycle time.
  • MR guided surgical robots offer precise and targeted treatment for tumors.
  • 3D vision is revolutionizing automation in industries like automotive.
  • Canada’s automation space is diverse, with different industries and needs across provinces.