Apera Vue robotic vision software for Universal Robots

Apera AI's Vue software gives Universal Robots human-like sight and perception, helping them complete difficult tasks like bin picking, assembly, and packaging. Powered by AI, Vue will help make your UR-based work cells faster, smarter and more productive.

Making UR fast and smart—UR+ certified

Vue software is based on the latest AI and machine learning technologies, which allow for faster and smarter path planning and object recognition by your robots. This example is under ambient light with shiny objects—considered one of the hardest applications in robotic vision.

Apera Vue robotic vision software

UR5 robot being used for bin picking of clear tube objects.

Easy to set-up and operate

Using standard 2D cameras, the footprint of UR workcells based on Apera AI vision technology is small and simple to set-up.

No custom programming, structured light or precise fixtures are needed. Apera AI’s Vue software is trained to understand your objects in terms of their possible orientations, finishes and more. The system operates under ambient light, and is not affected by changes in lighting conditions.


Smarter picking

In this example, the UR5 is pushed to the speed limit. With Vue software, it can rapidly move to pick up these food packets and drop them at the desired spot. Vue can identify markings on products and orient them to have labels facing the way you want.

Vue software for Universal Robots

UR robot being used for consumer packaged goods packaging application

Capable of the toughest applications

Vue can help UR robots pick shiny, transparent, translucent and reflective objects. The software is also capable of very high repeatability and accuracy, including assembly of objects with millimeter precision.

Applications include bin picking, assembly, sorting, palletizing / depalletizing, packaging and kitting.