Apera Vue vision software provides object recognition and path planning for industrial robots.

Apera Vue vision software for industrial robots

AI-powered computer vision provides human-like speed and perception for robotic guidance in bin picking, packaging, assembly, kitting and other challenging applications.

Vision-guided robotics

Apera Vue software gives robots human-like intelligence and speed.

Apera Vue features

Autopilot + Dexterity

Vue is computer vision software that guides robots as they move and handle objects. Apera Autopilot enables the robot to take the best path in and out of a movement. The robot and the object it is handling will not collide with other objects in the environment.

Apera Dexterity enables the robot to be able to grasp and precisely place objects. The robot will find the most pickable object in a complex array, align it to the needed position and precisely place it.

Why choose Apera Vue?

Apera Vue software is the fastest computer bin picking software available, with a 3 Hz total vision cycle time.

Need for speed

Vue can hit an industry-leading total vision cycle time of 0.3 seconds (3 Hz). Make productivity gains across applications.

Disordered stamped metal parts are a bin picking challenge that Apera AI's computer vision software can handle.

Don't sweat the hard stuff

Vue can help robots see and handle the hardest objects: clear, translucent, shiny or highly similar. And it can do it all under ambient lighting conditions.

Apera AI's project implementations are made simpler with off-the-shelf components like 2D cameras.


No more custom programming, structured light, or precise fixtures to get results. Use standardized software and off-the-shelf components.

Build fast, reliable and precise robotic workcells

Choose your application

Build your Apera Vue system

Apera vue system diagram, including selection of a robot, end effector and an industrial computer.
Apera AI's Vue software is compatible with ABB, Denso, Doosan, Fanuc, Universal Robots and Yaskawa


Apera Vue software is compatible with major robot brands

Apera AI's Vue software is currently compatible with ABB, Doosan, Denso, Fanuc, Universal Robots and Yaskawa robots. More brands are undergoing integration with our software. Upon request, Apera AI will develop drivers for your preferred brand.

Diagram showing the calculation layers of a neural network.

Apera AI 4D Vision

Apera AI's 4D Vision technology applies artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to robotic vision.

So far, we've achieved quantifiable improvements to robotic speed, precision and intelligence. We've removed the need for expensive hardware, customized programming and tightly controlled operating conditions.