Deep analysis of manufacturing processes during factory walks helps engineers hit higher efficiency metrics and prevent downtime.

Discover manufacturing gold with a ‘Gemba’ walk

Transform your operations with hands-on insights

Get some new ideas for robotic automation by taking a factory walk with one of our experts. We can help you solve problems in person by analyzing automation and spotting opportunities for continuous improvement. Let us know when and where in the form below.

What is a ‘Gemba’ walk?

Go to “Gemba”—Japanese for the physical location where value is created in production. Going to Gemba is when managers, supervisors and other stakeholders take a walk on the production floor and learn what factors are affecting efficiency and quality. It’s a positive exercise meant to engage your people in improving your manufacturing operations!

Taking a 'Gemba' walk means to go to where the value is created in a factory, and to analyze processes to make improvements.

Gemba for automation

In automation, we look for improvements that can be made to existing automated cells, or processes that can be automated in order to gain efficiency or use labor in more valuable activities. In our walks with customers, we most often find manual processes that can be automated with a robot or where adding vision to a robotic cell can generate high ROI and efficiency.

Gemba walks help manufacturing teams deeply understand their processes, so they can measure improvement correctly and understand failure points.

Gemba walks find value.

Manufacturing teams employing lean approaches find where waste occurs and can eliminate it. Being proactive prevents “firefighting” operations when a robotic cell goes offline.

Reduce waste in manufacturing processes, including labor savings.

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