Webinar: Robotic vision for clear and translucent objects

Locating and handling clear or translucent objects is a problem in robotic guidance. How can a robot handle an object if the vision system can’t “see” it?

But the problem has been solved thanks to new AI-powered vision technology. Even when human eyes struggle to see overlapping items, AI has succeeded.

This success has major implications for industries where clear or translucent items are common, such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices and consumer packaged goods. Think bin picking, assembly and packaging.

Automation Inc. and Apera AI dug into your questions about robotic handling of clear and translucent items:

  • How does a vision system tell objects apart?
  • How does lighting and the operating environment affect performance?
  • What are best applications that AI-powered vision could be applied to?

Watch the webinar to learn more.