Webinar: Solving long-standing automation problems using next generation AI-powered robotic vision

We’ve all heard some version of “it didn’t work last time,” or “that’s impossible, don’t even try” when it comes to automation projects. The reality is that technology is advancing quickly when it comes to solving long-standing problems.

Apera AI and its Certified Partner NEFF Automation partnered on this webinar to inspire your 2023 automation projects.

That’s why we want to introduce one of these new technologies to inspire you for automation in 2023: We’re going to cut through the buzz around AI to show you how AI-powered robotic vision works and will make your operations better.

We’ll be answering some of these common questions about vision applications:

  • How does this new AI vision technology compare to existing technologies?
  • What does a cell designed around AI-powered vision look like?
  • What can I use AI vision for, and what are its limitations?