4D Vision for Robotic Automation

Apera AI’s 4D Vision technology unlocks new levels of productivity and uptime for vision-guided robotics. You’ll implement vision faster and with less expertise needed. So, when do we get started?

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Forge Lab by Apera AI

Forge Lab makes AI training and simulation for vision-guided robotics fast and accessible. Manufacturing engineers can receive ready vision programs and test their automation strategies.

"With our ABB / Apera combination bin picking cells, the operator is able to focus on maintaining the machines making the components, and making sure that the parts are being manufactured with good quality."

Badr Dowcet, Process Engineer, Hastech, a Linamar Corporation company.

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AI for automotive manufacturing

AI-powered vision can drive huge improvements in reliability and product quality. This includes new cells or retrofitting existing cells and manual processes.

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"We saw an almost 9% increase in accuracy to 99% through the [Apera Vue] vision system. From a cost savings perspective, we have been able to reduce repair and manpower, and improve part quality into our customer."

Don Cumming, General Manager, Flex-N-Gate

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